About Us


Telekung Qasha®

is a prayer outfit which promise a premium and comfort design.

TQ is a prayer outfit brand in Malaysia who expert in comfy prayer outfit. Our elegant design are made from a high quality material to ensure that each prayer outfit we made is comfortable to wear. We have three different face designs; Tasha, Dalifa and Zulaika. Tasha for people with broad face, Dalifa for people with small face and Zulaika fits to all face sizes.

Standard Lace

Simple and minimal look on prayer outfit.

Premium Lace

Elegant and modern looks on your prayer outfit.

Our latest collection, Telekung Zeela and Qira has unique design. Telekung Zeela is a simple and elegant design without lace on the telekung.

Our premium prayer outfit design is different from others where Telekung Qira comes with pocket located at the center of the telekung and it is specially designed for women to perform Umrah and Haji

Besides that, TQ also produce Jubah, Kurti, Kurta, Khimar, prayer mat, hand sock and prayer cap to complement the prayer outfit especially for those perform Umrah and Haji.